Sisters make emotional plea for mother's stolen ashes

Two sisters are making an emotional plea for the return of their mother’s ashes that were stolen from their elderly father’s home.

On Saturday, the family said close to 100 people attended a moving sale at their 82-year-old father’s house, in Pembroke. One of the daughters, Tammy Guimond-Thomas, said it was near the end of the sale that they noticed the urn, which contains their mother’s ashes inside, was missing.

“This is a piece of my mom, and now that she’s gone it feels like part of my heart has been ripped out,” said, Guimond-Thomas.

The family has opened a police report, and is pleading on Facebook for the urn to be returned.

“It’s a very small item somebody could have very easily slipped it in their pocket, thought it was a pretty vase, didn’t actually know what it was,” Guimond-Thomas said.

“We’re not really blaming anybody - we just really would like my mother’s ashes back.”