Transpo committee chair defends $10-million for LRT art: "money well spent"

The chair of the city's transportation committee says committing $10-million for public art as part of stage 2 of LRT is "money well spent."

Councillor Keith Egli cited the scope of the project while on CFRA's News and Views with Rob Snow on Tuesday.

"We're talking about a project in excess of $3-billion," said Egli. "We're talking about buildings people are going to be in on a regular basis."

"Visitors will be going back and telling people about their experiences on our transit systems."

Egli was responding to a Postmedia article in which Councillor Riley Brockington criticizes spending that much.

He's quoted saying $10-million is a lot to commit when the city has other challenges.

Egli said he felt the remarks coming specifically from Brockington were a "little odd."

"I found the comment kind of interesting given that Brockington is the vice-chair of the committee responsible for arts and culture in the city."

Egli described seeing three young girls playing on public art while walking by City Hall on Tuesday.

"That's the experience we want, and I think spending $10-million on a project (the size of LRT) is quite reasonable."