UPDATE: Bear cub spotted near Petawawa school tranquilized and relocated

It should be business as usual for the kids at Valour School in Petawawa Thursday.

They had been kept inside during recess Tuesday and Wednesday, after a bear cub was spotted near the school.

Thank you Valour community for helping with dismissal today. Check out our friend. pic.twitter.com/qK8sChb0aw

— @ValourSchool (@ValourSchool) October 9, 2018

Still with us this morning. Please use front doors. Indoor recess. @RCDSB please retweet pic.twitter.com/volzNWWBLm

— @ValourSchool (@ValourSchool) October 10, 2018

The Renfrew County District School Board says the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was called in to trap the cub.

“The bear is still in the tree and a live trap has been set up by the MNR,” Communications Manager for the RCDSB Jonathan Laderoute said Wednesday. “What they’re trying to do is hoping the bear will come down to the trap and they’ll be able to tranquilize it and release it elsewhere.”

Late Wednesday afternoon, the school said the cub was tranquilized safely and relocated.

A big thank you to our friend from MNR. The bear has been safely contained and relocated. @RCDSB

— @ValourSchool (@ValourSchool) October 10, 2018

Laderoute said there was no sign of a mama bear while they were dealing with the cub Wednesday.

“Usually, if you see one, there’s one around the corner, but at this point we’re just aware of the cub.”