UPDATE: Jonathan Pitre discharged from hospital

The Butterfly Boy is going home.

On social media Thursday afternoon, Jonathan Pitre's mother Tina Boileau bid farewell to the Minnesota hospital where her son underwent stem cell treatment for his blistering skin disease.

She thanked the staff for their care.

In a post on Facebook on Wednesday evening, Tina Boileau explained that her son was ready to be discharged from the hospital and that they had even packed up the truck.

But, during his last check up with a nurse they noticed his blood pressure was a little high.

Boileau explained that this was normal because of the medications Jonathan has been taking.

Doctors increased his doses to help combat the issue but it meant spending one more night in a hospital bed.

She said that Jonathan has been doing very well in his recovery efforts, improving by leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks.

"Through this roller coaster ride, he has never given up and has been determined to get healthier and back home to take his dog Gibson for a walk without his wheelchair," she wrote. "He has been doing physical therapy every day in order to reach his goal."