UPDATED: A record-breaking snowfall Sunday as a snowfall warning continues

A snowfall warning is in effect for Ottawa and the region, and YOW Weather says Sunday alone was a record-breaker.

As of 9 p.m. Sunday, 26 cetnimetres of snow fell on the capital making it the snowiest Feb. 12 in Ottawa's history.

Environment Canada is forecasting up to 30 centimetres of snow to haven fallen by Monday morning.

The snow, falling fast and heavy, made for treacherous driving conditions as Ontario Provincial Police tell CTV Ottawa they responded to hundreds of collisions across town Sunday alone. 

John Mason from CJ Towing said he responded to multiple calls within the first hour of the storm.

“It just they’re driving a bit too fast in the weather and a lot of them don’t have snow tires and because of that they get no traction, and they’re just going to find themselves in big trouble,” Maosn said.

The snow caused headaches at the Ottawa International Airport, too, where several flights were either delayed or cancelled.