UPDATED: Man charged in Rochester Street shooting

Ottawa Police have charged a 22-year-old man following shooting on Rochester Street Thursday afternoon. 

Mohamed Ribih is facing a list of chares including use/handle/store firearm carelessly, point a firearm, possession of a weapon/ dangerous to public peace, possession of a firearm other than restricted or prohibited firearm without holding a licence, possession of a firearm other than restricted or prohibited firearm knowingly not holding a licence, occupy a motor vehicle with firearm, possession of a loaded regulated firearm, and discharge a firearm being reckless as to the life or safety of another person. 

Police were called to the 100 block of Rochester near Primrose Avenue shortly after 2:30 p.m. for reports of several shots fired.

Ribih arrived at hospital with gunshot wounds shortly after the shooting. Investigators continue to look for the other parties involved.

"We received a call from someone in the area here advising us that there had been multiple gunshots fired here and that one vehicle left the scene here," said Duty Insp. John Medeiros.

Witnesses described the vehicle as a black SUV.

There was a second, white vehicle parked at the scene, with bullet holes in the side door. Medeiros says blood was found in that vehicle. 

No arrests have been made.

This was the third shooting reported over a 24-hour period this week, after shots were fired near Baseline Road Wednesday night and in the Paul Anka and Uplands area early Thursday morning.

In the latter shooting a 25-year-old man received serious injuries. He's in hospital in stable condition.

Investigations are ongoing in all cases.

With files from CTV Ottawa.