Voluntary evacuations underway in Gatineau due to flooding

Firefighters in Gatineau are conducting voluntary evacuations on several streets due to flooding, the City said early Tuesday.

The City says those streets are becoming impassible and that the evacuations are voluntary and preventative.

Residents are asked to call 311 to report any "disturbing situation," and to call 911 if "the safety of people or property is at risk."

An evacuation centre has been opened at the Jean-René-Monette Community Center to help people living in the 300 homes affected by the flooding.

Yves Melanson, from the CIty of Gatineau, adds that Gatineau River water levels are expected to continue rising until late this week, as snow melt and heavy rainfall drain from the northern part of the watershed.

The affected roads are:

- le boulevard Hurtubise Est à partir de la rue Campeau
- la rue Jacques-Cartier, entre les rues Saint-Louis et Montgolfières
- le secteur des rues Blais, Saint-Louis et René,
- rue Saint-Louis, entre les rues Blais et René
- rue Adélard,
- rue Oscar
- rue René
- rue Corriveau
- rue Blais
- rue Ernest-Charron
- rue Saint-François-Xavier entre les rues Blais et René