Warmer than average temperatures this summer: Environment Canada

Environment Canada’s summer forecast is calling for warmer than average temperatures for the National Capital Region and, indeed, across the country.

Senior Climatologist David Phillips tells CTV Morning Live we could be in for a “goldilocks” summer this year.

“You may remember last summer,” he says. “Last summer was a washout. It was colder than normal. I think there were six beer-drinkin’ days in all of Ottawa last summer; I don’t think people want a repeat of what we saw last year.”

Phillips says the models show above-average temperatures in June, July and August, but nothing too extreme.

“Two years ago we had almost 30 days in Ottawa where the temperature got above 30. There was a lot of griping about it being too hot. Last year it was summer missing in action,” Phillips says. “So, we think this year will be kind of almost the Goldilocks of summers. It’ll be somewhere between the last two summers.”

Phillips notes that hot, humid air can sometimes lead to severe weather like thunderstorms. While there isn’t a way to track these systems over the long-term he says the possibility always exists.

“We get our share of lightning strikes and wild wind and heavy doses of rain in the Ottawa area, but the good news about summer severe weather is it usually hits and runs,” he says. “Precipitation’s always tougher to get right but we think with the fact that you’ve had a normal amount of rain right now and with the warmer temperatures, I think people will think upon this summer like, ‘Hey, we got one! Not like last summer.’”

Phillips expects warmer temperatures all across Canada from the west coast to the east.

“Now, out west, there’s a concern of very dry conditions, forest fires, and drought, but generally speaking I think this is going to be what holidayers and vacationers will want to see in Canada in the summertime.”