Watson says decision on re-election bid coming in "next two months"

We can expect word in the next two months on whether Mayor Jim Watson will run for re-election in 2018.

Watson told CFRA's News and Views with Rob Snow he will be speaking with family and friends about his future.

"It's a big decision because it's a commitment for another four years," said Watson. "I don't take anything for granted in politics. I assume I'm always 10 points behind and have to work hard to earn the trust of the public."

Watson has held the top seat at council since 2010 after returning from a stint in provincial politics which included multiple cabinet posts.

"I found that (the municipal) level of government is actually a very pragmatic level of government. There's a lot of talk at Queen's Park and a lot of talk at Parliament Hill, but there's a lot more action (at City Hall) if you put your mind to it."

Those past provincial ties raise questions about his political future.

When asked about the prospect of a "political opportunity" in another area, the mayor answered he hadn't really given it much thought.

"I enjoy the work that I'm doing."