Zak's Diner Uses Video to Nab Dine and Dashers

Zak's Diner is using security cameras and Facebook in an attempt to stop dine and dashers.

The popular ByWard Market diner posted a video Friday morning, claiming it showed two women leaving the restaurant without paying the $30 bill. The alleged incident happened Tuesday evening.

Ten hours later, Zak’s announced the two women came forward after hearing about the video and admitted to skipping out on paying the bill. The restaurant is now deciding its next step in the case.

The video had been viewed on Facebook 52,000 times.

Zak’s General Manager Amy O’Keefe tells CTV Ottawa the security cameras were initially installed two months ago to protect the staff. O’Keefe says management realized the cameras could be used to catch people leaving the restaurant without paying the bill.

There have been two dine and dash cases at the restaurant in the past month.

O’Keefe says Zak’s wants people to know that it has installed cameras, and they will be used to help catch people who leave the restaurant without paying the bill.  O’Keefe says she didn’t want to shame the two people who skipped out on paying the bill, but the restaurant wants to stop people from “stealing.”

Zak’s has set up signs warning customers that cameras are rolling.

Last September, Dunn's Famous Deli on Dalhousie Street posted a video on Facebook of a group of diners that allegedly left the restaurant without paying a $77 bill.