Petition, open letter raise questions on ByWard Market safety

A petition with over 1400 signatures is circulating, calling on City officials and police to put an end to crime and violence in the ByWard Market.

The online petition was accompanied by an open letter, penned by business owner Patrick O'Shaunessy, that refers to the three shelters in the market as a "cancer" hurting the area.

Joining The Newsfeed with Kristy Cameron, executive director of the Ottawa Mission Peter Tilley says the petition and letter do not reflect the community's true feelings and calls the dialogue "painful."

Tilley says the three shelters will get together and respond in a joint fashion tomorrow.

Mayor Jim Watson chimed in saying "calling these centres that help some of the most poor and vulnerable people 'a cancer' is disgraceful."

Both Tilley and Watson questioned the validity of the online petition.