• Channeling Freddie

    Queen songs are renowned for being hard to cover because of Freddie Mercury's amazing voice. This guy gave it a try and he's pretty damn good! He sure has the range!
  • Fetching Turtle

    Do turtles play fetch? Well usually no but no one told this turtle! Follow your dreams, turtle!
  • Salami Crafting

    We often hear that it's better not to look too closely at how our food is made. Salami seems like it'd be a prime candidate for that saying. Turns out it's pretty interesting!
  • Nuclear Whales

    Overall, nuclear weapons aren't super nice but scientists listening for nuclear explosions also found that they could hear all sorts of things. Here's what they learned about whales!
  • Orangutan Parenting

    Every parent knows that feeling. You want to go somewhere but your child wants to go the other way. This orangutan mother just seems done with this situation.
  • Good Samaritan in the Rain

    Sometimes we need to be reminded that there's still compassion and kindness in the world. Here's a perfect example! Just taking 5 minutes to help your fellow man.
  • New Trailer for Game of Thrones

    A few weeks ago, we got a new trailer for the 7th season of Game of Thrones. This week, they put out a new one. I think it's better than the first one. Even more excited now!
  • Kendrick on Guitar

    Any time Kendrick Lamar releases an album, it seems like everyone talks about it for weeks. This guy decided to stop talking and figure out how to play every song on his guitar. Pretty cool!
  • Elephant Cooperation

    Look at what these elephants do when one of the young ones falls into the pool. They get it done!
  • Bringing out the Inner Knife

    This guy takes a 3$ rusty Japanese knife and gives it a makeover. Just wait until you see the things he makes with it at the end! Bonus: a very pretty cat.
  • Hair of the Dog

    This woman takes her dog's hair and makes thread with it. It's kind of weird but also kind of cool? Also, she seems pretty aware that it's a strange thing to do!
  • Sewingphony

    A large part of the internet is people doing weird things in weird ways. This one qualifies! Makes you wonder how you go about tuning a sewing machine...
  • Angry Ram Fighting a Ball

    This guy's Youtube channel is him filming his ram who has a temper problem. It sees a basketball hanging in the forest and it has to charge it. It just has to!
  • Bohemian Mall Piano

    I feel like this is the reason for putting pianos in public spaces. Someone with skill will come around and play a classic. And what's more classic than this song?
  • Folding Wheels

    You don't have enough room for a motorcycle? Well, this model folds up neatly. Just hope it doesn't while you're riding!
  • Eating like the Rock

    What's the Rock cooking? Well, it turns out, he's cooking quite a lot! These guys find out just how much!
  • The grass is lava

    We've all played "the floor is lava" as kids. Well this insanely adorable kitten knows a variation on that game. So cute that I think I'm literally melting!
  • Jolene in the Subway

    Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus perform Jolene in the NY subway and it draws a crowd! Sure, it might be the song but it might also be seeing subway musicians being filmed by cameras...
  • Woodworking Twitter with Nick

    Nick Offerman plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation and it turns out that his on-screen woodworking hobby isn't an act. Offerman knows his woodworking!
  • Channeling Celine

    This follows a well-trodden path. Simon looks unconvinced and then singer nails it. It doesn't reduce how impressive this little girl's pipes are! She really does sound like Celine!
  • Toolbox Lunch Box

    At first you might think this dad is be a bit crazy, but wait until you see the end result. The man in on to something!
  • Seeing the Invisible

    This amazing video will show you things you normally can't see. Trully fascinating!
  • The Rise of McDonald's

    In 7 minutes and 3 seconds, you will learn how McDonald's went from a little restaurant to a real fast food empire.
  • Rakka

    Sigourney Weaver stars in this short movie by Neil Blomkamp, the first of many to be released by his very own Oats Studios.
  • Magical Twins

    This is a very cute magic trick. It's well executed and the result is a bit surprising.