• Roundtable/Wayne Gates

    Tim Denis Roundtable
  • Weekend's New Movie Releases Oct. 21/16

    Tim Speaks with Movie Critic Richard Crouse
  • Stampeders Starting Tour, Stop in St. Catharines

    Tim Speaks with Lead Guitarist Rich Dodson
  • CanCon Policy Overdue for an Overhaul

    Tim Speaks with Author of Macdonald-Laurier Institute Report Sean Speer
  • Drive Thru/Another Judge Let Rapist Go Free

    Tim Denis Drive Thru
  • He Put A Pool Noodle On His Bicycle-Interview

    Larry talks with the man whose idea is catching on.
  • The Man of 1000 Voices-Andre-Philippe Gagnon

    Larry speaks with the entertainer ahead of his local shows.
  • HPV Related Cancer In Men-Cdn. Cancer Society

    Larry speaks with an expert about these new findings
  • Canada's Tough Drone Regs-The Man Who "Wrote" Them

    Larry talks with an aviation expert.
  • We Believe It's Getting Worse-Ipsos Survey Interview

    Larry talks with Ipsos Canada about this worldwide poll.
  • One Year Trudeau Gov't Anniv.-Prof. Peter Graefe

    Larry talks with the noted political science McMaster professor.
  • Daily Planet's Dan Riskin-Euro Mars Probe

    Larry talks with Dan about today's Euro Mars probe.
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