Welcome to Alexander’s page! 

Alexander is the light of our family! The services that the Centre provides are invaluable, not only to Alexander but to our family as a whole. We hope that after learning more about Alexander you will consider supporting the work taking place each day at Niagara Children’s Centre. 


Since the beginning, Alexander proved that despite being tiny, he is mighty with great determination! He was born premature at 32 weeks, weighing 1lb. 13oz. After being discharged from the NICU, we were not prepared with how difficult it could be once home. 

We have been coming to the centre since April 2015. Alexander had his first appointment with an occupational therapist when he was 7 months old. Before I knew about the Centre, I was very isolated. I'm from a different city and we didn't go out much as Alexander was so small and more susceptible to illness and infection. We had no idea what community support or resources were available or that we were eligible for them. It has made a huge difference in having the regular local support from the Centre. 

Niagara Children’s Centre has helped Alexander and our family in so many ways. The quality of care and therapy he receives from his rehab team is invaluable. They have helped build his confidence and strength greatly with acquiring new skills and improving his communication. His team made it clear from the beginning that we are not alone. They asked us about the goals we have for Alexander so that we are all working together. They have given my husband and I the confidence and tools to continue therapy at home and care for Alexander in the best way possible – whether that be communicating a specific way (sign language, picture boards and words), being more aware of sensory issues or focusing on proper form for gross motor development. Alexander's team has always helped according to his needs at that specific time. When he was unable to stand or walk unassisted, they lent out a walker so Alexander could have more independence. 

I am so beyond thankful for Alexander's rehab team and all they do to help him. I'm also grateful that he’s able to access other services like recreational therapy. 

Alexander walks into the Centre as if it's his second home and that makes me so happy! I am most thankful for the sense of community Niagara Children’s Centre has given us whether it is through interactions with staff, connecting with other families, some of whom are now dear friends, and also welcoming me to be part of the Family Advisory Network. 

The services that the Centre provides are truly priceless, not only to Alexander but to our family as a whole. Many children enjoy therapy because the therapists make it fun! As wonderful and mighty as these children are, they are also some of the most vulnerable and overlooked and need the extra help. They not only depend on the immeasurable love and care from their families but also from the wonderful, caring and professional staff at the Centre. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Alexander’s journey. We hope that you’ll consider supporting the therapy and support services that he and many other children receive at the Centre. Your support will improve the lives of children, youth, and their families in Niagara. 

Thank you!