21 handguns stolen from Fonthill business

21 handguns have been stolen in Fonthill.

Police say a male suspect broke into a Fonthill business operating under the name NAS Guns and Ammo at 10:30 last night.

Once inside the suspect broke into several containers containing handguns.

The male was able to steal 21 handguns from the containers before making his escape.

The value of the firearms stolen is estimated to be $20,000.

All of the stolen handguns were secured with trigger locking devices, and no ammunition for the firearms was stolen.

Investigators have a large amount of video evidence to collect and analyze before detailed identifiers can be accurately released.

Police are aware that there was significant traffic in the area at the time of this offence, and some of the operators of those vehicles had to have seen the very obvious efforts of the suspect to break into the premise.

Police are interested in speaking with these people.

 At this time, investigators are looking for a white or grey racing style motorcycle which was used by the suspect to attend and escape the scene of the crime.

Anybody having information about this offence is asked to call the 3 District Detective office at (905) 688-4111 ext 3300.