21 names on the lastest NRP list of alleged impaired drivers

Niagara Regional Police have released their latest list of people charged with alleged impaired driving, and it's a long one.

21 people were charged in the region between December 18th and 31st. 

Some of the people are local, but some travelled as far as Vancouver and Tonowanda.

The following individuals have been charged criminally with impaired driving by alcohol or drugs, driving with a blood alcohol concentration above 80 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, or refusing to provide a breath / blood sample. 
 Jonathan H. GREEN 21 years, Niagara Falls
 Brian S. RAYMOND 47 years, Fort Erie
 Eric S. BRONSCHIDLE 28 years, Tonowanda NY
 Shayne P. BURKE 27 years, Niagara Falls
 Luke A. A. PILON 20 years, Whitby
 Kevin WATSON 25 years, St. Catharines
 Tadeusz W. CIACH 61 years, Port Colborne
 Donald J. WOODCOX 29 years, St. Catharines
 Gerald VANSTONE 59 years, Welland
 Karen M. HENDERSON 48 years, Niagara Falls
 Dennis R. FREEMAN 57 years, St. Catharines
 Carlletto FABIANO 45 years, Niagara Falls
 Xiqiu HUANG 22 years, St. Catharines
 Kingsley BLACKWOOD 43 years, Brampton
 Jody L. COWELL 37 years, Welland
 Stephen G. DEKKER 53 years, Stoney Creek
 Rodolfo CASTILLO 59 years, St. Catharines
 David B. McHENRY 63 years, Pelham
 Melissa D. SCHRIVER 31 years, Niagara Falls
 Cory D. T. WERNER 31 years, North Vancouver BC

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