25 guns found in gas tank at the Peace Bridge

A major bust at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie where handguns were discovered hidden in a gas tank.

Toronto police say the guns and more than 13 kilograms of marijuana were discovered following an investigation into cross-border gun smuggling.

The investigation came to a head when a woman was caught at the border late last month allegedly trying to smuggle 25 of those guns into Canada.

It's alleged she had concealed them in the gas tank of her rental car, fully submerged in gasoline.

The woman's arrest led them to three other suspects, who are facing firearms and drug trafficking charges.

Investigators seized the rest of the guns, 136 rounds of ammunition, 166 grams of powdered cocaine and 111 grams of crack cocaine, along with the marijuana.

Police allege the guns had been legally purchased in the southern United States, and would have been sold to gang members in the Greater Toronto Area.