450 Drivers stopped in R.I.D.E blitz

Niagara Regional Police were out Saturday night with R.I.D.E sobriety spot checks around Welland and St. Catharines.

Of the approximately 450 vehicles were stopped 11 drivers were asked to provide a sample of their breath for analysis.  2 of these drivers were issued a 3 day licence suspension for driving with more than 50 mgs of alcohol in their system.

Two additional drivers were arrested during the blitz. One for possession of a controlled substance and the second for driving while suspended.

In addition to the alcohol and drug related incidents, officers issued 14 other tickets. For offences such as driving with no licence, driving with no insurances, driving with an expired permit, and failing to stop for a red light.

The NRP want to remind everyone to plan ahead before heading out for a night of drinking. Consider having a designated driver, calling for a taxi or using public transit.

Also, a reminder that drivers are required by law to slow down and proceed cautiously when approaching a R.I.D.E. checkpoint or any emergency vehicle stopped on the roadway.