'A lot of strength:' IOC says Canada has incredible assets in Olympic bid

The executive director of the Olympic Games says cities interested in holding the 2026 Winter Games have an advantage if they have been hosts before.

Calgary is one of nine cities considering lone or joint bids.

Christophe Dubi of the International Olympic Committee says bid cities still having facilities from previous Olympics have already taken a great first step.

He said in a conference call from Lausanne, Switzerland, that it also helps if the city regularly holds World Cup events and world championships.

Dubi says it's important for Calgary to make sure that any budget put forward is strong and down to the last detail.

He says that would include looking at the numbers from Vancouver in 2010 and to factor in realistic figures looking ahead to 2026.

Other cities that have expressed an interest are Sapporo, Japan; Graz, Austria; Stockholm, Sweden; Sion, Switzerland and Erzurum, Turkey.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Milan and Turin in Italy are considering a joint effort.

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