Accused Ancaster hacker lived lavish lifestyle

The plate on his $200,000 "Lamborgini" reads "Mr. Karim."

As well as the plate on his Audi, the licence plate on his BMW, and the one on his Porsche.

A 22-year old Ancaster man, Karim Baratov has been arrested on allegations he was helping Russian spies hack computers in the U-S including that big Yahoo breach from last year.

The U-S Justice Department announcing yesterday four people have been indicted in connection with the hack.

Two of them work for the Russian spy agency, that replaced the KGB, the other is a hacker.

All three are said to be beyond reach in Russia.

Baratov, meanwhile, tells quite a story on his Facebook page about all the money he made.

Baratov writes in a post that he was suspended from school four years ago and that allowed him to focus on his online projects.

He also boasts about buying his first Mercedes at the age of 16 and claims he paid off the mortage on the house he bought for $642,000 in Ancaster.

The 22-year-old who was arrestedunder the extradition act appeared in court in Hamilton yesterday morning.
His case was put over until tomorrow afternoon, when he's expected to appear in court by video.