Another controversial chapter in Burgoyne Bridge build

A Regional Councillor wants OPP to investigate after steel from the Burgoyne Bridge in St.Catharines ended up in a scrap yard.

Andy Petrowski tells CKTB he wants this latest controversial chapter in the over-budget fiasco to be part of the investigation.

It was back in the fall that Petrowski warned local politicians that he had received information that new steel from the Burgoyne Bridge was being sold for scrap.

Petrowski says roughly 20 loads of steel between July and October were shipped off the construction site to a scrap yard.

Petrowski says the steel's estimated retail value could be two million dollars.

His major concern is that the project has been shorted in some way, and we could end up with a major structural issue down the road.

Petrowski says the issue was forwarded to regional officials and they have come back saying they don't have any concerns.

He's been told the contract with the company building the bridge stated the Region would only pay for the steel that was used.

Petrowski says that's not good enough, and he still has majors concerns.

He wants the scrap steel issue forwarded to OPP to include in their investigation into the bridge build.

Petrowski says he's not satisfied because no one has went into the financial books of the construction company or the scrap yard so the number of steel loads can be validated.

He says there are so many red flags in Niagara when it comes to public works with many projects over-budget and not coming in on time.

The Burgoyne Bridge was originally estimated to cost around 50 million dollars.

Costs are now over 90 million.

A $500,000 audit report complied by Deloitte has been sent to the OPP for further investigation.

It has not been made public, but the document was leaked to the media with Post Media deciding to publish details of it.

When asked who leaked the report, Petrowski presumes that someone on Regional Council did, but he has no idea who.

He adds that the report should be public now because the taxpayers paid for it and the expensive bridge.