Another St. Catharines man arrested on charges relating to children

Niagara Regional Police have arrested a St. Catharines man on child pornography charges.

24 year old Joshua Chambers was arrested today at a St. Catharines residence. 

He is charged with possession, accessing, and distributing child pornography.

This story follows a similar case from earlier today where 30 year old Tyler Kevin Chambers from St. Catharines was arrested following an incident near Harriet Tubman school. 

Officers arrived to the area of Russell Avenue and George Street at 6:30pm on May 14th and were told an unknown man had approached a 10 year old boy outside of a community centre.

The mother of the child while carrying her other 6 year old son intervened.  

Tyler Chambers was charged with invitation to sexual touching, assault, and breach of probation. 

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Though police will not confirm how, they say the two men are related.

The arrests, however, are unrelated.