Appointee linked to former Ford chief of staff Dean French resigns


Another appointee of Doug Ford's government has resigned after the Opposition uncovered his ties to the Ontario premier's former chief of staff.  

A spokeswoman for Ford confirmed that Ian Neita, who was appointed to the board of Workplace Safety Insurance Board in December, submitted his resignation today.   

The New Democrats say that in 2013 Neita helped coach a Toronto girls basketball team with the premier's former chief of staff, Dean French.  

French abruptly left his job as Ford's top adviser three weeks ago when it first emerged that people given lucrative foreign postings were connected to him.  

Ford revoked the agents-general appointments in London and New York City of Taylor Shields and Tyler Albrecht shortly after Shields was reported to be related to French and it emerged that Albrecht played lacrosse with French's son.  

Four days later, Katherine Pal resigned from the Public Accountants Council after the NDP