Are Grimsby high school students' marks being inflated?

It must be a tense day at Grimsby Secondary School following a national story which accused the school of inflated its students' marks.

Patrick Cain, a National Online Journalist with Global News published a report yesterday of a university’s secret list to judge students by their actual schools, and not their marks.

According to the article the University of Waterloo has been using a list of which Ontario high schools’ marks matched the marks their graduates got in engineering school and which didn’t.

The article states that Grimby graduates who went on to attend the engineering program at Waterloo saw their marks drop over 27 per cent.

That makes the Niagara high school the worst offender on the list.

The average is a 16 per cent drop.

The District School Board of Niagara has issued the following comment to CKTB:

“We disagree wholeheartedly with the Global News report, which is based on a very small sample size of students admitted into the University of Waterloo’s engineering program. Data from the EQAO assessments provides independent confirmation that our students are achieving at high levels. DSBN staff do an excellent job preparing students to become successful at the post-secondary level and we appreciate their hard work and expertise.”

The list published in the article states that St. Michael High is Niagara Falls came in 8th place on the list with a 23 percent drop.

Sir Winston Churchill in St.Catharines ended up in 11th place with a 22 percent drop.

CKTB has also reached out to the Catholic Board for comment on the story.