Are your kids in split grades this year? Some Niagara parents concerned over 'combined classrooms'


As Niagara children enjoy the last month of summer, some parents are wondering why their child is in a split-grade class when there are enough students to make a full grade class.

Schools within the Niagara District Catholic Board sent out some government information on 'combined classes' saying split-grade classes are done for a number of reasons including meeting student needs, and balancing class sizes.

One Lincoln parent says all of her three children are in split grades, but there are enough children for full classes of just one grade, saying her grade one son is in a grade 1/2 split and the other class is also a 1/2 split.

She is wondering why there can't be a full grade one to allow her son more attention and an easier transition out of kindergarten.

Teachers have also expressed concerns since there are a number of grade 6/7 splits and the two ages are graded on a different scale, with grade 6's graded by letters, and grade 7's graded on percentages.

Critics of the 'combined classroom' movement say while they understand there are a few cases when a split is needed based on numbers, it's a bit strange to split for no reason.

CKTB reached out both the Niagara District School Board, and the Catholic Board for comment.

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