'Attack on Democracy in Niagara' before the courts today

The decision by Doug Ford's PC government that cancelled Niagara's election for Regional Chair in October is before the courts today.

The Ontario government and Toronto are facing off in court over the province's move to cut the size of the city's council ahead of a municipal election.
The legislation introduced earlier this month reduces Toronto council to 25 seats from 47 in time for the October 22nd election.

Premier Doug Ford says the move will improve decision-making and save 25 million dollars.

But the city argues reducing the number of councillors in the middle of a municipal election is discriminatory and arbitrary, and violates the charter.

The legislation also cancelled Niagara's highly anticipated election of the Regional Chair.

This would have marked the first time the general public would have elected Niagara's Chair instead of leaving it up to an appointment by council.

Many have called the move an attack on democracy in Niagara especially given the controversial moves made by our current Chair Al Caslin, who has admitted that he extended the CAO's contract to 2022 without the knowledge or consent of council.

A report in the St.Catharines Standard also alleges Caslin's office helped CAO Carmen D'Angelo get the $230,000/year job.