Auditor General to release annual report

Health care, electricity and school boards are among the issues Ontario's auditor general will be shining a spotlight on in her annual report today.
Bonnie Lysyk's report dedicates five of her 14 value-for-money audits to aspects of health, including cancer treatment services, community health centres, health lab services, public drug programs and public health.
The report will examine whether Cancer Care Ontario is ensuring cancer treatments are provided in a timely, cost-efficient and fair way, and whether accurate lab test results are being provided in a timely manner.
Lysyk also dedicates two sections to school boards, examining whether they are using operating funds properly and whether the government has effective oversight to ensure they are doing so.
Another area of the massive report will look at whether the Independent Electricity System Operator and the Ontario Energy Board are sufficiently overseeing electricity generators and if they are playing by the rules.
Lysyk has previously taken the Liberal government to task over its handling the planning process for new power projects and the smart meter program.