Auditor General vindicates local activist

A local activist is taking the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to task for statements officials made regarding a controversial plan involving biodiversity offsetting.

Ed Smith taking to Twitter to call out senior staff and board members, many of them regional councillors, on the issue.

Smith says he was correct in accusing the board of supporting biodiversity offsetting as a way to move the proposed Thundering Waters development in Niagara Falls forward.

A report in the Standard says the recent Auditor General's audit of the agency found the board had met with representatives from Niagara Falls, the region and the developer.

During that meeting senior staff said they were "working on an alternative way to address the obstacle posed by the wetlands within the land proposed for development."

The NPCA also hired a lobbyist to deal with the issue.

But at a meeting in 2016, then CAO Carmen D'Angelo who is now the CAO of the Niagara Region, denied discussions about biodiversity offsetting, had anything to do with any current developments under consideration.