Autism advocates plan protest at MPP Sam Oosterhoff's office

Yesterday's freezing rain briefly put a pause to a protest at PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff's office, but a group of autism advocates will be gathering today instead.

At least a dozen people plan to set up at Oosterhoff's office in Beamsville to protest potential changes to autism services in the province.

Last week the Ford government announced plans to tackle the lengthy treatment wait list by giving caregivers $140,000 in lifetime funding per child entering the program at age 2.

Experts have said the plan has the potential to clear up wait lists, but potentially at the expense of quality treatment options. Many families say the funding is not enough.

Today's protest at Oosterhoff's office will happen between 11 a.m. and noon, followed by a second protest at MPP Donna Skelley's office in Hamilton.