Bad relationship between Board and former Chief cost Niagara $870,000 : Standard Reporter

A bad relationship between the Police Board and Niagara's former Police Chief Jeff McGuire is what led to his early retirement.

We found out Monday that McGuire received a retirement package worth over $870,000 for him to hand in his badge three years early.

St. Catharines Standard Reporter Grant LaFleche joined CKTB saying conflict between the NRPS Board and McGuire was common and things really fell apart when the board hired Bill Fordy of the RCMP to replace Joe Matthews as deputy chief but left McGuire largely out of the process. Read the story here.

Weeks later the early retirement announcement was made.

This week on CKTB Regional Chair Alan Caslin commented on the chief's retirement saying it was sad to see McGuire leave the NRP, but he wanted to retire so that's what he did.

After that comment McGuire quickly reached out to CKTB saying he did not want or agree to retire, but they made him an offer he could not refuse.

Some local politicians are speaking out saying this is another case of politics over common sense in Niagara and it's extreme mismanagement of public tax dollars.