BEACH UPDATE: 15 beaches currently unsafe for swimming

If you're headed to the beach this weekend, you may want to check ahead of time that it's safe.

Currently, 15 beaches in Niagara are posted as unsafe to swim.

Beaches are posted unsafe/closed when water tests show unacceptable levels of E. Coli bacteria.

Swimming in these waters could cause infections of the ear, eye, nose, throat and skin as well as cause diarrhea if the water is ingested:

Belleview Beach in Wainfleet
Casablanca Beach in Grimsby
Charles Daley Park in Lincoln
Queen's Royal Beach in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Chippawa Conservation Beach in Wainfleet
Jones Beach in St. Catharines
Lakeside Beach in St. Catharines
Long Beach Conservation East in Wainfleet
Long Beach in Wainfleet
Nelles Beach in Grimsby
Sherkston Elco in Port Colborne
Sherkston Quarry Beach in Port Colborne
Sherkston Wyldewood Beach in Port Colborne
Wainfleet Lake Erie Public Access Beach in Wainfleet
Waverly Beach in Fort Erie