Beamsville Downtown BIA could be expanding

The Beamsville Downtown Business Improvement Area could be expanding.

The Downtown  Business Improvement Area Board of Management is asking Lincoln town council to adopt a bylaw that would see the BIA's boundaries expand.

As part of the process, written objections from owners of industrial or commercial property within the current or proposed expanded area of the BIA are being accepted.

A by-law to expand the boundaries will not be passed if:

  1. Written objections are received by the Town Clerk by Dec. 1, 2018;
  2. The objections have been signed by at least one-third of the total number of persons entitled to receive notice; and
  3. The objectors are responsible for at least one-third of the taxes levied for the purposes of the general local municipality levy on rateable property in all prescribed business property classes (industrial and commercial properties) in the new improvement area.

Objections must be recieved no later than December 1st of this year.

Lincoln officials say If the bylaw passes, the boundary would change as of early 2019.