Bells of Peace to ring over Niagara

Bells will be ringing across Niagara this Remembrance Day to mark 100 years since word of the armistice reached Canada.

In a time before the internet and social media, Canadians awoke to the sound of bells ringing according to Port Colborne Legion President Harry Hamilton.

"On November the 11th, 1918 bells rang spontaneously across this country, and they were celebrating the end of the First World War."

Hamilton says they will be ringing the bells at sunset on November 11th to mark the occasion, but they have also been working hard to collect the names of our local fallen heroes.

"We will be saying each one of these names and ringing a bell and that will be done by students, the Navy League, the Air Cadets, the Girl Guides."

The bells will start ringing in Newfoundland and spread across the country.