Bernardo's lawyer says his client is 'just as horrified about his crimes as we are'

Paul Bernardo's lawyer says his client is just as horrified about his crimes as we are.

Chip O'Connor making the comments today outside a Napanee court house where Bernardo's weapon case was being heard.

The Crown decided to withdraw the charge against Bernardo since there was little chance of conviction.

The convicted serial rapist and killer was accused of making a 'shank' out of a pen and a screw.

Bernardo is up for parole this month after 25 years behind bars.  

O'Connor says the parole board will look at more than what his client did decades ago.

"He's committed some terrible crimes, and he takes full responsibility" says O'Connor. "He's had good behaviour...he'll be going before the parole board and their decision will not be how much he should suffer, but does he present a risk in the future.

Bernardo was convicted in 1995 in the murders of two teens--Kristen French from St.Catharines and Leslie Mahaffy of Burlington

He also admitted to raping 14 other women and girls.

Following the murder of French, the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre was created in Niagara.

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