Big changes coming to Bridgeburg district in Fort Erie

Big changes are coming to Highland Avenue in Fort Erie.
The province announcing today it will help pay for what it calls "critical" upgrades for the reconstruction of Highland Avenue, including the replacement of sanitary sewers, as well as storm sewers and water mains, and the replacement of pavement and the concrete sidewalk. 

The government saying the improvements will help to improve traffic flow and safety, as well as protect the environment for local residents.  

The Town of Fort Erie will receive more than $816,000 from the province for the project.

Fort Erie  is one of 55 communities that will receive support from the province through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) to build and upgrade local infrastructure.

Mayor of Fort Erie Wayne Redekop says the funds will help to defray the cost of a nearly $4.5 million project to renew and replace aging infrastructure on Highland Ave. in the Bridgeburg area of Town.

Redekop says the grant highlights the importance and strength of funding partnerships that allow growing municipalities to ensure for their residents and businesses the sustainability of vital water, and wastewater mains, storm sewers, sidewalks and roads.

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