Bitter cold expected to continue in Niagara

Don't expect the bitter cold to leave Niagara anytime soon.

Since Christmas residents have been dealing with a pervasive wind chill, sometimes making it feel like - 20 throughout the region.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says we may get a bit of a reprieve late this weekend.

"We do see temperatures getting a little bit closer to normal by Sunday into Monday of next week, but that return to more normal temperatures likely won't last that long. Forecast models again indicating that colder air expected to return later on next week."

Yesterday Coulson was keeping a close eye on the observation station in Vineland near St. Catharines and noticed a record setting drop.

"[Vineland] also set a record for the coldest New Year's Day. They got down to -19.7 for the overnight low yesterday and that beat the old record of -18.9 set back in 1964."

Coulson also warns the rest of the month could be locked in a deep freeze.

"The way things are shaping up right now it certainly looks like January is going to go into the record books as one of the coldest we've seen in the last little while with these temperature expected to stay well below normal for the most part."