Boeing 737 Max Banned in UK but planes still continue to fly in Canada

Britain has announced a ban of Boeing 737 Max aircrafts, but the planes still continue to fly in Canada.

British officials are banning the aircrafts from arriving, departing and flying in UK airspace following a crash that killed 157 people, including 18 Canadians in Ethiopia.

Another Boeing MAX 8 crashed in Indonesia just five months ago, which also killed everyone on board. 

China, Indonesia and airlines in Brazil, Argentina and other nations have also halted MAX 8 flights. 

Transport Canada has not grounded the 41 aircrafts that are operated by carriers in this country.

Minister Marc Garneau says when an accident like the crash in Ethiopia occurs, it's important that people don't jump to conclusions.

He says grounding the jets in Canada would be ``premature'' and he would have no hesitation boarding a Max 8 right now.