Bradley remains undecided on potential run for Niagara's Regional Chair

One of the most talked about potential candidates for Niagara's new Regional Chair says he hasn't decided if he will let his name stand for the job.

CKTB News caught up with former Liberal MPP and newly elected St. Catharines Regional Councillor Jim Bradley at today's Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit to ask about the buzz from other councillors and the public.

"I think people like the approach that I take to things - a moderate, middle of the road, consensus building approach. I haven't made a decision to move forward yet, but I am very encouraged by what I am hearing from new regional councillors and the general public who, I think, are looking for a different direction in the next four years ahead."

He says although he hasn't decided if he's going for the position yet, if he does he will not be making promises with other councillors to get the job.

"Those decisions on who will be where, what committees and so on will come eventually, but I don't get into bargaining over that. I don't make promises of that kind to people because I think it's the wrong way to go."

Returning Niagara Falls Regional Councillor and Chair of the Niagara Police Services Board Bob Gale is also rumoured to be eyeing the position.

CKTB News has reached out to Gale to discuss any plans he may have to try for the Regional Chair position.

The new regional council will choose a Regional Chair during their first meeting on December 6th.