BREAKING: Death in Niagara linked to dangerous drug Carfentanil

An overdose death related to the dangerous drug Carfentanil has been reported in Niagara.

Niagara Regional Police say the death occurred in November of 2016 and it has been confirmed that the opioid that is 100 times more potent than fentanyl is to blame.

Details are not being released about the person who died out of respect for his/her family and medical privacy laws.

Police say they are releasing the information to make people aware that the deadly opioid has now made its way to Niagara. 

This opioid is known to have been mixed with many other street drugs without the purchaser's knowledge.

Police reminding all residents that the most important thing you can do for any suspected overdose is call 911 immediately.  

The NRPS, NEMS, Public Health, and many other stake holders in Niagara have created the Niagara Opioid Prevention and Communication Network to focus on a shared community approach/response to opioid issues.

The network utilizes a four pillar approach focusing on enforcement, prevention, harm reduction and treatment.
Further information about the dangers of Opioids can be found here: