BREAKING: Kathleen Wynne concedes today that she will not be premier after the June 7 election

An emotional Kathleen Wynne admitted today that her governing Liberals will lose the Ontario election on Thursday.  

The premier, whose party has been trailing behind the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats in the polls, is urging voters to elect as many Liberals as possible to prevent the other parties from forming a majority government.  

Wynne wouldn't say whether she'd stay on as party leader following the vote.  

She also declined to endorse the Tories or NDP.  

Wynne says whichever way the vote goes, people should hope for a minority win to keep the government ``from acting too extreme, one way or the other.''

"On June 7th voters will elect a new government. I don’t know who voters will choose but I am pretty sure that it won’t be me. After Thursday, I will no longer be Ontario’s Premier. And I’m okay with that." - Premier Kathleen Wynne