BREAKING | Niagara Health CEO stepping down in the spring

The man once dubbed the Wayne Gretzky of health care is leaving Niagara.

Niagara Health announcing that CEO Dr. Kevin Smith is stepping down in the spring.

The 55 year old is also the President and CEO of St. Joseph's Health System.

He will be leaving his posts to assume the role of President & CEO of University Health Network in Toronto.

The NHS thanking Smith for his time in Niagara saying he was instrumental in establishing a new path forward for Niagara Health and securing $1 billion dollars for the south Niagara hospital.

In August 2011, Ontario appointed Kevin Smith as Supervisor of Niagara Health System following several controversies including a deadly C-difficile outbreak, and several scandals involving injured patients on hospital grounds being told to call an ambulance rather than being admitted to the ER.

Smith's last day with Niagara Health and St.Joe's is May 21st.