BREAKING: Trudeau, Trump to meet Monday in Washington

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump will meet Monday in Washington, the Prime Minister's Office says.

In a statement, the PMO says the two leaders will discuss ``the unique relationship between Canada and the United States'' and how best to ``work hard for middle-class Canadians and Americans, together.''

A statement from the White House says the two leaders are looking forward to ``a constructive conversation on strengthening the relationship between our two nations.''

Word of the meeting comes amid the federal government's ongoing economic messaging operation, which has Finance Minister Bill Morneau in the U.S. capital today _ the third federal cabinet minister to visit this week.

Morneau is meeting members of Congress and the administration to drive home a point that Canada is eagerly making as NAFTA trade negotiations approach: trade with Canada is good for American interests.

In a speech at Georgetown University, Morneau listed the nine million U.S. jobs tied to trade with Canada, saying they pay better than non-trade jobs.