Brock students take to the outdoors to mark 5 Days for the Homeless

Students will be sleeping outside all this week as part of the national 5 Days for the Homeless campaign to raise funds and awareness for homelessness, particularly among at-risk youth.
Participants will not only be spending their nights outside in the cold they will also only eat what is donated to them and will forgo showering.
With the exception of using technology for homework and sharing their experience on social media to promote the campaign, students will also give up their smartphones and laptops while continuing to attend class throughout the week.

Betty-Lou Souter, CEO of Community Care, St. Catharines and Thorold says, “Having these young people tell the story of homelessness through their eyes is very impactful. I commend their concern and commitment to community.”

The students will be accepting non-perishable food and cash donations until the 24th.

 Online donations are also being accepted at  thr throughout the month of March.