Brock University confirms controversial professor not returning to the classroom

Brock prof

It looks like a clerical error is to blame for listing a disgraced professor as teaching two courses at Brock University during the 2020 winter term.

Although originally David Schimmelpennick was listed as teaching two courses in January 2020, Brock University confirms he will not be teaching and his name was incorrectly attached to the courses.

Officials say information from a previous year auto-filled the timetables.

Social media was alight yesterday as rumours of the professor's return began to circulate.

He was involved in a 2014 sexual harassment investigation stating the professor had been drinking with students and engaged in 'an unwelcome sexual advance, inappropriate and unwelcome touching, and comments of a sexual nature.'

Last year the professor said he regretted his past behaviour and blamed it on a drinking problem.

Schimmelpennick was supposed to return to the classroom for the 2019 Winter term, teaching a second year course, but the university cancelled it amid massive public protest.