Brock University faces 'serious fiscal challenges' with Rodman Hall

Brock University officials say they have no plans to sell a historic building in downtown St. Catharines, but they are dealing with 'serious fiscal challenges.'

A community group transferred Rodman Hall to the school in 2003 for $2, but now the building protected by the Ontario Heritage Act costs $750,000 per year to operating according to Brock officials.

In a release, Brock representatives say they have invested $500,000 into the building since they took the responsibilities. They add studies show the building may require $1 million per year in the future to maintain.

As they face down these challenges, officials have announced they will be moving a permanent art college to storage and display space at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Art and some art would also be transferred to a community transition group to display throughout Niagara.

Brock officials also plan to start working with community groups and art organizations to create a "culture commons."

Brock President Gervan Fearon writes, "Brock made a major commitment to this when the Marilyn I. Walker school moved downtown, and now we are pleased to partner and explore this initiative that will give artists and arts organizations more space and better space."