Brock University grad lived in van for over 2 months for master's thesis research


You might see the #VanLife trend all over social media but one Brock University masters student decided to bring it to the academic world.

Stephanie Murray received a grant to buy a van and convert it into a camper so she could immerse herself in the world of "van-lifers" and find out why they chose this unconventional lifestyle.

Murray chose the topic for her master's thesis after learning that 3 million Americans live in vans and RV's year round.

Her research found that people's reasons for taking up this nomadic lifestyle varied, but the one prevailing theme was a desire for freedom; an avoidance of a repetitive way of life.

Murray says it's tough to balance academic life with the van lifestyle, but she fully intends to get back on the road.

Thanks to her research, Murray considers herself a van-lifer.