Brock University looking for residents to host international students

Brock University is offering a rewarding opportunity for local families.

The University’s Homestay Program asks residnets to open their homes to help international students get adjusted to life in Canada. 

The long-standing program helps more that 400 students a year, and is always looking for more families to participate.

Julie Popovich from St. Catharines has been welcoming international students into her home since 2012.

She says it’s been eye opening and given her an opportunity to appreciate other cultures.

Host families are also compensated with $800 per month to cover any additional costs like food or electricity.

More information about becoming a Homestay family is available on the Brock University website.

To apply, residents must complete an online application, followed by an orientation session, criminal records check and a home inspection to determine if the program is a good fit.