Brock University prepares for St. Patrick's Day

Brock University officials are asking students to keep the 'bad' out of 'badger' on St. Patrick's Day.

Last year, the event spun out of control with thousand of students converging on Jacobson Avenue.

This year, Director of Student Life and Community Experience Brad Clarke has identified several homes that could be hosting parties, and those tenants will be spoken to ahead of the celebrations.

"When we are able to talk student tenants in advance of their hosting gatherings of any sort, quite often those negative impacts are minimized if the event continues at all."

An on campus pub will also be operating on the day of to encourage students to stay on campus in a controlled environment. 

For those students who do choose to celebrate elsewhere, Clarke says a special off campus patrol will be in effect.

"Sometimes the response time to concerns [community members] may raise has lagged, and so this is an effort the University has taken to make sure that, where we can, our team is helping to facilitate the identification of issues and make sure they are addressed in a timely matter."

Clarke also told St. Catharines Council the university has hired additional Niagara Regional Police officers for the day to help intervene in off-campus incidents.