Buck a beer will be here for the Labour Day weekend

You will be able to find beer for a buck in Ontario just in time for Labour Day.

The Ontario PC government unveiling its plan to deliver on a campaign promise.

It will offer ``non-financial incentives'' to brewers who sell their beer for $1 once the province's buck-a-beer plan is in place later this month by offering prime spots in LCBO stores or advertising in the store magazine.

Speaking at a brewery in Picton today Ford says the plan will not cost taxpayers anything.
The plan will lower the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer to $1 from $1.25 starting August 27th, which is a few days before the Labour Day weekend.

Brewers would not be required to charge less, however, and the lower minimum price would not apply to draft beer, nor would it include the bottle deposit.

The Tories have said a return to buck a beer would see more competition in the beer market without affecting the province's revenues from beer and wine taxes, which government documents show brought in roughly $589 million in 2016-2017.