Busy afternoon for St. Catharines firefighters

fire truck generic

They were battling a kitchen fire at a home on  Pioneer Court  when they were called to a seniors apartment  building on Scott Street around 2:30 p.m.

When they arrived they found a woman trapped on her second-storey balcony with thick black smoke coming out of her unit.

Crews rescued the woman by laddder before entering the apartment.

Deputy fire chief Dave Upper tells the Standard the woman was smoking in her bedroom when she dropped her cigarette onto her medical oxygen line.

The woman refused to be transported to hospital.

Meanwhile, there were no injuries in the fire on Pioneer Court which broke out 15 minutes earlier.

Upper tells the newspaper the platoon chief had to leave the house  fire along with three firetrucks and their crews to respond to the Scott Street blaze.

He says, technically, they should have had a fourth fire truck and crew on scene.